Fit Cheetahs for Schools

Education is important. As a science communicator and mother of two, I have always been interested in finding different ways to promote learning whilst trying to ensure that it is interesting and fun. And as a scientist, it is important to me to communicate my research, raise awareness of the plight of the cheetah and promote science in general.


                                                                                                         Explaining the Footprint Identification Technique to a keen volunteer.

                                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Pinner Photography

I offer the following services:

Talks in Schools

I hold talks about cheetah conservation and the ‘Fit Cheetahs’ research project in both primary and high schools. Typical topics I cover are ‘What is conservation?’, ‘What problems do cheetahs face?’, ‘Cheetah Biology’, ‘Footprint Identification Technique’ and ‘Cheetah Genetics’. I also offer a careers talk

I can tailor the talk to any age group and topic area. You tell me what you would like covered and I will create a talk tailored to your class’ needs. These talks can be held in English or German.

It is important to me that every school has the opportunity to learn about my cheetah conservation research. I therefore ask for a donation rather than a set fee. For schools that are further afield (i.e. outwith Edinburgh and Fife) I ask for travel expenses to be covered as well.


                                                                                               Artwork inspired by Fit Cheetahs talk at Benarty PS, Fife.                       Flyer design by pupil at Aberdour PS, Fife.

Cheetah Paw Cast Painting Workshop

This workshop is made up of a talk, similar to the above, and a painting session, where the students can decorate a paw cast themselves. This combination of science and art leads to the students retaining more information as more senses are activated during learning. The students can explore the paw pads on the cast through sight and touch while I talk about my research and explain what I look for in a paw print.


 Cheetah research talk and paw cast painting workshop at Allemann Fun German Saturday School, Edinburgh, UK.

Access to my Cheetah Research Blog

Everyone who gives a donation will receive access to my research blog, allowing them to follow my research for the entirety of the project. I will cover lots of different topics, such as cheetah conservation, cheetah biology, field work, PhD life, lab work, genetics, FIT software and more. It will give you and your students an insight into my research and the ups and downs of the life of a researcher.

The blog is presently in English but I will create a German version too.

Skype sessions

I also offer the opportunity for schools to Skype with me so that pupils can ask questions about my research, cheetah conservation and life as a researcher. This is a unique opportunity for primary and secondary schools to have direct contact with a researcher out on field research or in the lab and find out more about cheetah conservation research.

Skype sessions for schools are offered as an incentive for a £250 donation on the science crowdfunding website at It is a great way for a school to support this important research. The schools will also get access to the research blog to stay up to date with research developments.

Anyone can make this donation in favour of a school of their choice. Skype sessions can be held from Scotland or Namibia in either English or German.

If you have any further questions or wish to book a school’s visit or Skype session, please contact me directly at for more information.

I have worked in science communication for years, delivering and leading science workshops to hundreds of children of all ages for the Edinburgh International Science Festival in Edinburgh and Abu Dhabi. I also work for Hands on Science , a company that delivers STEM workshops and challenges for schools. In addition, I held FIT sessions for wildlife volunteers and National Geographic students in Namibia and I hold talks about my Fit Cheetahs research to students in primary and high schools.


                                                                                   Explaining cheetah footprints                                                  Teaching a workshop at the Edinburgh International Science Festival