Media Coverage

It is great to see that there is so much global interest in this Fit Cheetahs research project. Here are some examples of the amazing media coverage we have had.


“Can an old tracking technique help save the cheetah?”

Radio interview with BBC World Service

11th October 2017

“Cheetah tracking tech hopes to cut animal inbreeding”

Reuters interview at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

28 December2017

“New digital tool from Scotland to help save endangered species”

11 October 2017

“Lifeline for endangered Cheetah from centuries old hunter gatherers”

11 October 2017

“Heriot-Watt scientists in crucial research project to save the cheetah…with a little help from the San bushmen”

11 October 2017

“Researchers Go Hot-Foot To Save Endangered Species”

11 October 2017


 “Combining technology and ancient tracking could help save the cheetah”

10 October 2017

“This Project Uses Ancient Knowledge Of Namibian Trackers And Technology To Try And Save Cheetahs From Extinction”

13 October 2017

“Scientists hot-foot for endangered species”

SBS News Australia

11 October 2017 

“Research project underway to save cheetahs”

20 October 2017

“Cheetah tracking technology hopes to cut animal inbreeding”

YouTube video

02 January 2018

Larissa Slaney: Scotland is Pioneering

Scotland is Now campaign

April 2018

Spotlight on Larissa Slaney: The PhD student harnessing the power of innovative footprint recognition software to save the cheetah from extinction

Crowd.Science blog

23 April 2018

Research communication with Larissa Slaney: the Fit Cheetahs project

Interview about research communication for early career researchers with Anthony Haynes from Frontinus Ltd.

September 2020

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ConservationFit is a new, exciting project by WildTrack to get the puplic involved. If you havean interest in wildlife conservation and come across animal tracks in a personal or professional capacity, you could help by collecting footprint photos for a database that will help improve the conservation of endangered species.